Goop's Latest Business Venture: Plus-Size Clothing

Pardon me while I check the sky for organic, hormone-free hand-fed flying pigs. Because surely there’s been a mistake here. selling something not tied to any sort of bogus pseudo-scientific wellness claim? It’s true!

Business of Fashion reports that has recently announced that they will be selling a size-inclusive collection with clothing company Universal Standard. Universal Standard is known for simple essentials that are designed with the same taste and style across a wide range of inclusive sizes. It’s legitimately inclusive; many pieces are available from size 00 to 40. Which was probably a shock for Gwyneth Paltrow’s friends like Tracy Anderson, who have probably held up a size 4 and asked: “Is that what plus-size is?“. Goop made the official announcement on Instagram yesterday, writing:

“The fashion industry has a long history of ignoring customers who aren’t sample size. But that’s changing – finally. And with this month’s launch of goop x @universalstandard, we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of that change.”

Goop’s collection with Universal Standard will include five pieces. Gwyneth Instagrammed a few pictures of the collection.

In the event you’re in the market for some goopified basics, here’s how much they’ll set you back: the cheapest item is a pair of cropped pants at $225, while the most expensive is a $395 wool coat. All five pieces come in black, but a $295 dress also comes in burgundy. So thanks to Goop, everyone, any size, can look like a funeral director.

All jokes aside, it is nice to see Goop finally partner with a company whose identity isn’t based around a questionable PhD or a business plan that makes the Goop fact checker clock extra overtime. I just wonder whose job it was to keep Gwyneth away from the photoshoot. I’m sure she tried to prove she’s the best person to model plus-size clothing by showing up in her Shallow Hall prosthetics.


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