Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong To Release Covers Album ‘No Fun Mondays’

Billie Joe Armstrong has announced that he will release quarantine covers album No Fun Mondays.

Various covers that the Green Day frontman recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown include songs by The Clash, The Bangles, and Tommy James.

No Fun Mondays is available to preorder on CD and vinyl. A limited-edition baby blue-colored vinyl pressing will be available at independent record stores in the United States.

Armstrong got plenty of time for recording his cover album as the Hella Mega Tour featuring Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer was postponed due to the pandemic.

“While we’ve all been in quarantine I’ve been reflecting on the things that matter the most in my life: family, friends, and, of course, music,” Armstrong said in a statement. “I figure if we have to spend this time in isolation at least we can be alone together.”

No Fun Mondays Tracklist

1. “I Think We’re Alone Now”
2. “War Stories”
3. “Manic Monday”
4. “Corpus Christi”
5. “That Thing You Do!”
6. “Amico”
7. “You Can’t Put Your Arms Round a Memory”
8. “Kids in America”
9. “Not That Way Anymore”
10. “That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll”
11. “Gimme Some Truth”
12. “Whole Wide World”
13. “Police on My Back”
14. “A New England”

(Photo: Sven-Sebastian Sajak)

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