Harry & Meghan's 'Sussex Royal' Brand Up for Grabs Here in the U.S.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can still lay claim to the Sussex Royal brand across the pond — despite the “Megxit” — but here in the U.S. of A, someone’s already calling dibs!!!

You might’ve heard the Duke and Duchess of Sussex filed trademark docs in the UK to use the phrase “Sussex Royal” for possible merch in the future — including possible online sales on their recently launched site of the same name.

Doesn’t look like anyone’s fighting ’em for the brand in England, but it ain’t gonna be so easy for ’em stateside thanks to a guy named Joel Fogelson … who’s already filed an application to own “Sussex Royal” in America.

Now, frankly, this could get complicated for Joel if he was dead set on keeping it because it’s their name, after all. However, he tells us he only filed for it on digital platforms because he saw it was available, and simply couldn’t believe it.

Not so shockingly, Joel’s background is in intellectual property — but he’s not looking to hold on to the obviously valuable trademark. He says he’d happily hand it over to the Duke and Duchess if they want it … for FREE even.

He’s looking at this as a valuable lesson for Harry and Meghan to pay attention to details, to avoid just a massive oversight. Then again, they’ve had their hands full lately plotting their now-Queen supported bombshell move.

That said, he also tells us IF Meg and Harry don’t come knocking … he’ll use “Sussex Royal” to launch a consulting business touting the importance of having a solid business plan.

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