‘Honey Boy’ Director Alma Har’el Slams Golden Globes for No Female Director Nominations

Alma Har’el, who directed Honey Boy, one of the films that had awards season buzz ahead of the 2020 Golden Globes nominations, is now speaking out about the nominees.

If you don’t know, no female directors were nominated for the Best Director Golden Globe, and Shia LaBeouf, the star of Honey Boy, was also snubbed from any nods.

“Good morning to everyone that’s writing me about the #goldenglobes I feel you but know this. I was on the inside for the first time this year. These are not our people and they do not represent us. Do not look for justice in the awards system. We are building a new world,” Alma posted on Twitter. “Keep fighting for more women & POC behind the camera by supporting their films. Don’t make your end game the political money that trades hands in the form of movie campaigns for people who can’t see us and recognize us.”

See the full list of 2020 Golden Globes nominations, as well as those who were snubbed.

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