Iggy Azalea Posts Hot Micro-Bikini Photo Set That Leaves Little To The Imagination

Iggy Azalea has been steaming up Instagram with some seriously sexy pics lately, but none of them compare to the ones she just dropped. After a few days of appearing in various tabloids without makeup, wearing leggings and T-shirts mostly, and maybe not looking her totally glam self, Azalea threw out a series of photos that leave no doubt that there is no shame in her game. Not that there was any doubt, since just a week ago she posted a video to Instagram of her twerking with a bucket of KFC balanced on her bottom. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

Azalea has been riding a wave of success with her new single “Kream” sitting high on the charts, which is really impressive considering that in a recent column, the Daily Mail printed that Azalea didn’t expect the cut to do very well. After not cracking the Billboard Hot 100 with her last three releases, she thought chart success wasn’t in the cards for her, but she has been proved wrong.

“I just kinda thought I’d throw my project out there and I didn’t expect anybody to really have a response to it, and everybody surprisingly really loved it. So now I feel a little bit nervous, but in a good way, because I feel like people are now maybe gonna listen to it.”

BODY! Suit by @soooraven !

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With that kind of success, it is certainly okay to flaunt it, as Azalea is in this Body! swimwear that clings to her like a second skin. Azalea, of course, has her nails on point with an impeccable manicure, and she is wearing her hair down instead of in the messy bun she was sporting last week. Whatever workout she has been doing is working, because at 28, she looks as toned and tight as she ever has.

BODY! @soooraven

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In this next shot in the series, Azalea really shows off her flat stomach while striking a sexy come-and-get-it type pose. The comments on her post piled up rapidly with fans complimenting her, and offering proposals of marriage several times. In under an hour, Azalea blew past 100,000 likes and has shown no signs of slowing down.

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In her final shot of the trio, Azalea offers a different angle that shows off her profile and a nice shot of her face against a beautiful blue sky. It of course also teases the backside that has made her videos hot and balanced that bucket of KFC.

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