Inside soaps’ biggest feuds after Asan N’Jie and Jamie Lomas beef comes to blows

As scary details emerge of the fresh beef between Emmerdale's Asan N'Jie and Hollyoaks' Jamie Lomas, it's reminding audiences of some of the more dramatic off screen moments between soap actors in the past.

Asan, attending the TV Choice Awards, shouted at Jamie: "Do you think you are a f*****g big man? I'm going to f*****g kill you. I'm going to f*****g knife you."

They were pulled apart by security at the Hilton Hotel venue on Monday night. All this after Asan's Emmerdale character was involved in a knife crime storyline.

But it's not the first feud between small screen stars…

Jessie Wallace and Shane Richie

Jessie and Shane might have played onscreen husband and wife in EastEnders, but their relationship behind the scenes was anything but sweet.

The pair, who play Kat and Alfie Moon, in the hit London soap, accused each other of leaking stories about one another to the press.

Alfie admitted: "After a while, me and Jessie didn't speak for five years because she didn't trust me and I didn't trust her because we both thought we were selling each other down the river with stories, which it turned out of course wasn't true."

Jessie Wallace and Barbara Windsor

Jessie's second entry into this list comes courtesy of a bitter feud with EastEnders veteran and Peggy Mitchell actress Dame Barbara Windsor.

Barbara, who has played the sassy pub landlady since the 1990s, wasn't happy with Jessie's attitude when she first joined the cast.

She told The Mirror : "It was down to her unprofessionalism. She was young. She was always late.

"I lost my temper. I erupted. I am so sorry I did that now. It wasn't very nice. I felt like one of the Krays."

Barbara, who is also known for her work on the Carry On films, continued: "Afterwards, I burst into tears and ran to the producer. I said I had been terrible, an amateur, and cried again."

John Thomson and Antony Cotton

Coronation Street stars John and Antony's fiery relationship was ignited when John took a pop at his co-star as he was on our screens for I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here.

John took to Twitter and didn't mince his words: "Antony Cotton – the truth will out. You nasty piece of work, you are doing yourself no favours."

It's not clear why the Corrie stars were at each other's throats.

James Sutton and Steph Davis


Steph kept audiences entertained during her stint in the Big Brother house, but one who didn't tune in was fellow Hollyoaks star James Sutton.

After Steph was axed from the soap, James took to social media to send fans into meltdown – by sharing a screenshot of his iTunes playing Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead.

When later asked by a fan if he'd be tuning in to watch Steph's crack at Big Brother, he wrote: "[I'd] rather boil my head."


Leslie Grantham and…everyone

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