The Russia investigation isn’t the only “witch hunt” President Trump has complained about.

In his upcoming book “Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times,” New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich recalls interviewing then-candidate Trump in late 2015, only to have the future POTUS drift onto the topic of QB pal Tom Brady’s famous scandal, which took place earlier that year.

“[Trump] kept bringing up Deflategate” (where Brady’s team was accused of using deliberately deflated footballs to gain an advantage), writes Leibovich, “which [Trump] also called a ‘witch hunt’ and seemed more interested in discussing it than many of the policy issues.”

Although Trump and Brady are pals, Leibovich claims Trump is also competitive with the Patriots QB.

Leibovich recalls golfing with Trump and bringing along fotog Damon Winter, who’d also shot Brady. Trump asked, “Who’s got a better body, me or Tom Brady?”

Trump also insisted Leibovich call up Brady, who’s come under fire for his support of Trump, and said, “I really have no interest in political talk right now. I have learned way too much about politics.” Brady has called Trump’s stance on players kneeling during the national anthem “divisive.”

The book, from Penguin Press, comes out Sept. 4.

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