Jason Momoa Posted a Video From a Bubble Bath, and We Have Questions

Jason Momoa. Bubble bath. Video. Need we say more? (Well, I’m a journalist first, Momoa stan second. So, yes, more must be said.)

To elaborate, Aquaman himself took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a quick but unforgettable clip of him taking a dip in the tub. Momoa is seen surrounded by soapy suds as he plays in the bath and giggles to himself. Weird, but it’s J.M. so we’ll let it slide. In between laughter, he says, “Bubbles. I like bubbles.” Same.

To emphasize this fact, the actor wrote in a caption, “Me like bubbles. #MomoaBowl.” And that’s not all when it comes to cryptic videos via our favorite Game of Thrones star. The day before bubble gate, he posted another clip. In it you’re treated to a close-up of the A-lister’s tell-tale bearded jaw as he says, “You’ve seen him as a superhero, a warrior, and an outlaw. But you’ve never seen Jason Momoa like this.” The frame then pans out to a robed Momoa standing in front of a mirror while talking into a hair brush.

While these clips can best be described as odd, but alluring, with a little digging and a few context clues we’ve figured out that there’s a method to the madness. The answer? A possible Super Bowl commercial during football’s biggest night.

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To start, in the latter video we mentioned, the accompanying caption reads, “gonna be an epic week. Momoa like you ain’t never seen before coming super bowl Sunday. #MomoaBowl.” So that pretty much says it all. As for what these promos are for? At the end of both videos, alongside the Super Bowl LIV symbol, there’s also a logo for Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans. It markets itself as the “Official Mortgage Sponsor of Super Bowl LIV.”

Quicken Loans CMO Casey Hurbis told Ad Week that Rocket Mortgage brought them the idea of using the See actor for their third-ever Super Bowl commercial. “They pitched us this idea very early on with Jason in it; we fell in love,” Hurbis said.

That’s all we know—for now—about what to expect come Sunday. But since the Super Bowl is known for its viral ads, it’s safe to say that betwixt all the football on February 2, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for Momoa’s big moment.

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