Jenelle Evans: I Lost So Much Weight, Y’all! My FUPA Disappeared!

If you’re a regular here at The Hollywood Gossip, you know that we’re not huge fans of Jenelle Evans,

In fact, we strongly suspect her bigoted brain is the first thing Nazi scientists collaborated on when they all arrived in hell.

That said, we’re also opposed to body-shaming in all of its forms.

From her sinking swamp house to her dog-killing husband to her ignorant racism and completely unwarranted narcissism, there are so, so many good reasons to make fun of Jenelle.

So there’s really no need to resort to cheap shots about her weight.

We say all this as a preface to what is, in fact, an article about Jenelle’s weight.

But it’s important for us to note that we’ll be making fun of her comments about her physique, and not the physique itself.

Jenelle has acknowledged that she’s gained weight during the lockdown.

Of course, that didn’t stop her from posting her infamous TikTok dance videos.

So, so many TikTok dance videos …

Anyway, Evans posted the photo below earlier this week, and she immediately received the ultimate in backhanded compliments.

“That weight look so good on you. I need to gain some,” said one fan.

We’re sure they meant it in the nicest way posible but “damn, you look huge!” is not something most people want to hear.

Evans responded by pointing out that she’s actually lost weight in recent weeks.

“I’ve actually been working out lately and lost some of my FUPA,” she said.

Now, for those of you who are unaware, FUPA is a slang acronym for “fat upper p–sy area.”

In other words, Evans took the compliment in the dignified manner which we’ve come to expect from the number one swamp mom.

Because the vast majoirty of people aren’t nearly terrible as Jenelle, the compliments kept rolling in.

“Y’all are the bessssst! Thank you for all the kind thoughts!” Evans wrote at one point.

But as is pretty much always the case in 2020, there were a few haters, too.

“Y’all need to lose some major weight. Eat more salad?” one cruel commenter wrote.

 “For who? Because our family is happy no matter what weight we are,” Jenelle replied.

We’ll give credit where it’s due — for once, she handled this sort of situation well.

But we’ll also call out her hypocrisy, because Jenelle gleefully fat-shames others on social media.

Remember when Evans kept calling Kailyn Lowry fat?

The situation was made even worse by the fact that Jenelle had to team up with her husband in order to muster the courage to talk trash about her former co-star.

“You’re a giant compared to me. Let’s stand side by side,” she told Evans at one point.

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“And at the end of the day… I have a husband that loves me unconditionally and my family is happy. That’s all that matters.”

Yikes, so she called Kail fat and then shamed her for not having a husband?

Why were we defending this a-hole, again?

Jenelle Evans’ Horrifying Life on the Land Exposed on Chilling YouTube SeriesStart Gallery

Oh, right … body-shaming is bad.

So don’t talk any trash about Jenelle’s phsysique.

But feel free to roast her for the many, many ways in which she’s an awful person.

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