Jenelle Evans ‘So Proud’ Of Husband David Eason’s New Knife Making Business & Fans Are Furious

After shooting and killing wife Jenelle Evans’ dog, weapon loving David Eason has started a home knife making business and that has fans very alarmed.

Oh what could possibly go wrong here? David Eason has already made his love of guns known and now he’s branching out into starting a knife making business. He’ll be selling his hand-made weaponry via his Etsy page and wife Jenelle Evans is SO excited for him. She took to Facebook and reposted five pics of him forging the knives on an anvil at the couple’s North Carolina farm and wrote: “So proud of my babe! 🥰 Something he’s been dying to do for a very long time. It takes a lot of strength and patience for this type of skill, but also it’s super sexy to watch. 👌🏼😂 Love you babe and here’s to you finding something you truly love to do! 💓🥳 David.”

Under the photos, David wrote on Aug. 5 that “My first knife came out pretty good I think. I made this with only hand tools so far (file, forge, hammer, sharpener). I will have this and many more for sale on my Etsy page soon. I will also have a video on my YouTube next week doing some final touches and making a sheath. Go follow that page (David Eason) on YouTube if you want to see the final product and have a chance to purchase! I want to give a big THANK YOU to my good friend Justin for providing me this awesome anvil and of course to my beautiful wife Jenelle for always believing in me and positively encouraging me!”

Fans are alarmed as David, 31, admittedly shot and killed Jenelle’s French bulldog Nugget on April 30 after he allegedly nipped at their two-year-old daughter Ensley. That caused the couple to eventually lose custody of Ensley and her son Kaiser Griffith, 5, while child protective services determined if their home was a safe place for the kids. David was also investigated for animal cruelty by the Columbia County Sheriff and Animal services. A judge decided to give custody of the kids back to Jenelle on July 3 and just over a month later, David has decided to become a knife maker….much to the horror the former Teen Mom 2 star’s fans.

“Great exactly what the world needs…swamp thing making homemade weapons. who will you experiment on first with them?!” one person wrote while another posted, “This is the worst effin idea ever. You should be NOWHERE near weapons. And they look like s—anyway. Money tight now that you both have 0 income? Get a real job,” referring to how Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2 after David’s dog killing incident and he was banned from the show in 2018 after making transphobic and homophobic tweets. A third person added, “I love how he thinks everyone just forgot he murdered a 10 pound dog.” Next to one of David’s close up pics of the knives, someone wrote “don’t try and kill a dog with it.” David has since deleted nearly all of the negative comments.

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