Wonder how Jenna Jameson was able to shed so much weight after giving birth? The former adult film star said she has ‘no fancy diet,’ and revealed exactly what foods she eats to stay so slim!

“Let’s talk menu,” Jenna Jameson, 44, said when captioning another “before and after” shot of her, displaying her figure after dropping 60 lbs. “I get a lot of messages asking me what I eat in a day to stay in ketosis. Well, it’s underwhelming. I am one of those odd people that doesn’t need variety. Every morning I eat the exact same thing. 3 eggs with cheese and an avocado. Lunch is my biggest meal, I always eat arugula salad, grilled asparagus or zucchini with some kind of meat (usually a hamburger patty or grilled chicken) I then snack when ever I feel hungry (usually on almonds or macadamia nuts… sometime cottage cheese) that’s it!

“Then I begin my fast at 6 pm,” the former adult film start added. “I drink lots of water until I go to sleep at around 10 pm. I drink coffee at 8 am and I end my fast at 11 am. That’s it! No magic, no fancy diet… just clean whole organic foods. I waved bye bye to anything processed or packaged a long time ago. This is 60 lbs gone my friend. It can be done!”

“I’m always asked how I have the will power… well when you see results like this in 4 months, it powers you!!!! Let me know your results and questions!” she added, before tagging the post with “#keto” and noting that she “wasn’t pregnant in the before pic.” According to Jenna, that was her body before undergoing her life-changing diet. Wow – she looks like a whole different person!

Jenna gave birth to her and Lior Bitton’s first child, daughter Batel Lu Biton, on April 6, 2017. Losing the baby weight afterwards was an intimidating challenge, as she was not sure she could drop the pounds while maintaining her sobriety. “[Being sober] and being overweight was new to me. I kept telling myself if I could beat addiction and stay sober, I can easily lose the weight…and I did.”

She sure did! It’s funny that Jenna’s Instagram account is “JennaCantLose” considering she clearly has been able to drop so much weight. Though, as she posted on Aug. 3, “the real glow up was never external.” Changing how she felt about herself was more important than how she looked, it seems. “When you feel happy insider, your exterior sparkles,” Jenna wrote. “But let’s not dismiss how beautiful it is to feel content and to pass it on.”

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