Jennifer Garner Won’t Finalize Divorce Until Ben Affleck Maintains His Sobriety

A source also adds that their three kids are one of the reasons the ‘Love, Simon’ actress wants the ‘Justice League’ star is ‘100 percent’ clean before finalizing their divorce.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were previously rumored to be receiving legal warning for delaying their divorce. It’s been more than a year after the former couple filed their papers, so people might wonder what is holding them up in finalizing their divorce.

“Jen wanted to give Ben the time and opportunity to work on his health and sobriety,” a source says to Us Weekly of the “Gone Girl” actor, who has struggled with addiction to alcohol. “She isn’t in a rush.”

The source also adds that their three kids are one of the reasons Jennifer wants Ben maintains his sobriety before finalizing their divorce. The “Love, Simon” actress wants Ben to “be the best father he can be.” The insider continues saying, “She wants what’s best for the kids.”

While Ben and Jennifer are known as co-parenting king and queen, they seemingly are not in the same page for this matter. The 46-year-old Batman depicter, who is currently dating “Saturday Night Live” producer Lindsay Shookus, reportedly “would have liked to have finished this and closed the books sooner.” The source goes on sharing, “Jen just isn’t willing to settle the custody issues until she’s 100 percent certain that he’s clean.”

“She’ll wait for him to prove he is taking it very seriously,” adds the source.

Apparently, Ben is up for it. On August 13, the actor was spotted attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Another source revealed, “This is part of his practice and how he maintains his personal health. He’s been doing these classes for months. He’s also been spotted outside of meditation classes as well as meetings. He’s focused on being there for those in his life.”

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