Jennifer Lawrence fails miserably to start Super Bowl chant after taking over plane tannoy

JENNIFER Lawrence didn’t get the reception she may have hoped for when she commandeered a plane’s tannoy system and attempted to get her fellow passengers to chant along with her.

The 27-year-old actress failed to get even a whisper out of the packed plane when she tried to get everyone to cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles ahead of last night’s Super Bowl.

Footage shared online shows Jennifer getting her hands on a plane’s speaker system in an attempt to rouse some support for her favourite team.

Jennifer told the passengers: “Everybody, this is not the pilot speaking, this is Jennifer Lawrence.

“It’s February 4, it’s Super Bowl Sunday, we all know what that means!

“Can I just get a ‘Fly, Eages fly! Fly, Eagles fly!’”

As she stares down the aisle, one person can be seen cheerily waving while the remaining passengers appeared completely bemused by her outburst.

Luckily for Jennifer, a kindly steward stepped in to take the speaker off her and she moved away quickly.

It seems her failed chant could have been the team’s lucky charm, as the Eagles went on the beat the New England Patriots by eight points.

Justin Timberlake bagged the coveted half time performance slot and wowed fans with his energetic set.

Pink appeared on the pitch to perform the national anthem but became a viral sensation for something very different.

The superstar was caught on camera spitting out a throat sweet just minutes before she started belting out the Star Spangled Banner. 

Pink struggled through the flu to give the performance was praised by fans after she belted out the tune – minus her gum. 


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