Jeremy Clarkson takes swipe at ‘dithering’ Boris Johnson: ‘Doesn’t have the balls’

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Jeremy Clarkson, 60, compared Boris Johnson’s “dithering” to “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher’s stern leadership which began in 1979. Speaking in his latest The Sun column, the presenter revealed he had been closely watching a recent BBC documentary on the first-ever female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Not a chance

Jeremy Clarkson

He wrote: “As I watched, I couldn’t help thinking that the country could do with that kind of iron-willed leadership now.”

The former Top Gear host went on to discuss how Margaret was undeterred from her political duties, despite being at great risk of dying in the 1984 Brighton explosion. 

“I can’t imagine a woman like that would have been laid low by Covid-19,” he added, in reference to Boris’s recent battle with the virus.

Jeremy continued: “Would she have allowed planes to land and the Cheltenham Gold Cup to go ahead? Not a chance.


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“And would she be dithering now, coming up with all sorts of damn fool rules about barbecues and whether your hairdresser is allowed to talk to you? Again, no.”

Social media is an integral part of politics these days, and Jeremy believes that if Margaret was still around, she would not have cared for trading insults online.

“Today, everyone cares about what’s being said about them on social media and on the TV news. Thatcher didn’t.

He added: “I worry that our current leadership doesn’t have the balls of Mrs T.”

The comments from Jeremy came as Boris performed a series of press-ups in an interview with the Mail on Sunday.

Hoping to prove he is now feeling much recovered after his brush with coronavirus, the Prime Minister dropped to the floor and completed several press-ups.

Boris remarked: “I’m as fit as a butcher’s dog now.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer weighed in as he challenged Boris to do “50” press-ups at this week’s PMQ’s.

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Jeremy has often been sceptical of Boris and recently branded him a “f*****g lying toe rag”.

He recalled a previous Top Gear appearance while on a Zoom call with colleagues James May and Richard Hammond.

He said:” About two months [after riding in the jet] a British journalist went for a flight in a F-15 and claimed afterwards to me he hadn’t been sick in it, that it had gone upside down, he’d done loop the loop, and barrel rolls but hadn’t been sick.  

“And that British journalist’s name is…”


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James and Richard tried to guess the answer by throwing out names like Piers Morgan and Jonathan Ross.

However they were way off the mark, Jeremy continued: “There was a row between me and him on television and he was going, ‘I did not vomit’ and I said, ‘You cannot possibly have been in that plane and not vomited’.”

The answer turned out to be Boris Johnson.

The Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Presenter fumed: “Lying f*****g lying toe rag”.

“He was saying he wasn’t sick in it and I know he was,” he added.

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