Jeremy McConnell looks loved-up on trip with his pregnant girlfriend

Loved-up Jeremy McConnell joins his pregnant girlfriend Katie McCreath at The Baby Show… after insisting his lack of relationship with son Caben is ‘to protect not neglect’ the tot

He recently defended not having a relationship with his first child, saying he protects his son as much as he can and is not ‘neglecting’ but ‘protecting’.

And Jeremy McConnell, who shares two-year-old Caben Albi with ex-girlfriend Stephanie Davis, showed he’s getting ready for the arrival of his newest baby as he attended The Baby Show in London on Saturday. 

The reality star, 29, put on a loved-up display as he rested his hand on pregnant girlfriend Katie McCreath’s bump while the pair enjoyed the day out. 

Parents: Jeremy McConnell, 29, and girlfriend Katie McCreath, 35, put on a loved-up displayed as they attended the Baby Show in London on Saturday

Jeremy looked stylish in black ripped jeans which gave a glimpse at his leg tattoos and a simple black t-shirt.

He completed his look with a tan jacket, a pair of patent shoes and accessorised with a silver watch and Gucci belt.

Pregnant Katie also dressed in black wearing a pair of trousers and a tight black top with along cardigan over the top.

Former lovers: On Thursday Jeremy admitted ‘not every situation can be fixed’ after the dramatic downfall of his romance with Stephanie Davis (pictured in 2017) 

Getting ready: Jeremy and Katie were full of smiles as they tested out products at the show 

Happy: The reality star looked sharp in a black t-shirt and jeans which he paired with a tan jacket and Gucci belt

Kiss: The expectant parents enjoyed a tender moment as they looked around the Baby Show

The mother-to-be also toted a Louis Vuitton clutch and displayed her perfectly manicured red nails.

Katie wore her long light brown locks down and added a whole face of makeup, including a pretty pink lipstick.

Also seen at the Baby Show on Saturday was The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs, 29, who was launching her new sparkly pushchair range.

Businesswoman: Amy Childs, 29, was also at the Baby Show launching her new sparkly Polly dolls pram

Sparkle: The Only Way Is Essex star looked stylish in a shimmering shirt and leather trousers

Mother and daughter: Amy’s brand is named after her own child, Poll, who tagged along to the event

Amy’s Polly doll prams are named after her own daughter and feature sparkly hoods and white carrycots.

The mother-of-two looked fashionable in leather trousers and a shimmering long-sleeved top. 

She wore her bouncy, sleek hair down and it sat perfectly on her shoulders as she spent the day at her stand promoting the range.

Poser: Amy wore her sleek hair down and added a full face of makeup for the day promoting her range

Glam: Amy’s newest prams featured sparkly hoods and bright white carrycots

Mother-of-two Amy had a special helper at the event as her adorable daughter Polly helped her model the range.

The youngster looked adorable in a pale blue tutu and mini crown, which was matched by her leggings and top.

Jeremy and Katie’s appearance at The Baby Show comes after he defended not having a relationship with son, Caben-Albi, who he shares with ex Stephanie. 

Joker: Jeremy messed around in front of the camera, leaving Katie looking less than impressed

Preparation: Katie eyed up a gold crib for her unborn daughter as dad Jeremy looked on

Parents day out: The couple seemed to be in great spirits as they had a kiss at the London event

Jeremy slammed trolls for claiming he doesn’t care about the two-year-old in an exclusive interview with MailOnline.

The dad insisted: ‘I’m not removing myself and forgetting about having a son. I’m a very loving father.’

He also revealed that he’s found it difficult to be accepted back into society after being imprisoned for five weeks in 2017. 

Jeremy admitted he agreed to take a step back from Caben to protect him, and his unborn daughter has become his ‘main focus.’ 

Speaking out: Jeremy recently said ‘a very loving father’ and insisted he’s ‘not removing myself and forgetting about having a son’ after trolls slammed him over his first son Caben-Albi

He said: ‘A lot of people say I don’t care about my child because I’m moving on but what options was I left with? I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

‘People say to me “Why are you acting like you have just one child?” But there’s a time and a place. 

‘Any one that has half a brain cell needs to understand the reason I am not part of Caben’s life is because not every situation can be fixed.

‘I protect my son as much as I can. It’s not neglecting, it’s protecting. I’m a very loving father. This is better for Caben.

‘My priority is my baby girl because it’s in my control – I have rights over that. My main focus is my girl. 

Larking around: Jeremy gave a glimpse of his leg tattoos by wearing ripped skiny jeans and seemed to be entertaining those around him by joking around

‘I’ve done all the things I needed to do in order to get where I am now. I’ve got an amazing job and I’ve moved myself away from certain things.’ 

Jeremy credited Hollyoaks actress Stephanie, 26, for her hard work as a mother but admitted he struggled to cope when her ex Owen Warner, 20, formed a close bond with Caben.

He said: ‘I can’t speak about it much for legal reasons, but Steph is doing a great job. She’s doing really well and I know she’s a good mum. 

‘But you can imagine how hard it was for me. Some 20-year-old being called dad in her last relationship. I thought the whole thing was really distasteful.’ 

Priorities: Jeremy has now said that his unborn daughter has become his ‘main focus’

In August 2017, Jeremy was found guilty of battering Stephanie in a drug-fuelled rage. 

He was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months – but was later jailed for breaching his community order by flying to Turkey for a hair transplant.

Jeremy says he’s living proof a leopard can change its spots after getting himself back on the straight and narrow the last two years. 

He explained: ‘Going to prison was a massive wake up call. I had to sit myself down and say “This is it now”. 

Second chances: The reality star said he’ll be focusing on his new baby daughter because it’s in his ‘control’ (pictured with Katie in October) 

‘It was hard because in this country people don’t accept rehabilitation well. People need to believe that you can change. 

‘A leopard never changes his spots isn’t true – I have proven that I have rehabilitated. I hope over a two year period I’ve shown that. I was an embarrassment to myself. I acted like a f**king d**khead.’  

The former Celebrity Big Brother star suffered the devastating loss of his mother, brother and sister within months of each other when he was a teenager and his dad lost his battle with cancer in 2017. 

Tough: The ex-model said he struggled to see Caben spend time with Stephanie’s ex Owen Warner and found the ‘whole thing really distastful’ (pictured earlier this year)

Moving on: Jeremy says he’s living proof a leopard can change its spots and going to prison in 2017 was a massive ‘wake up call’ (pictured  in 2017) 

He said his ‘bad boy’ image was just a persona he adopted as he fell down a dangerous path of drink and drug taking. 

Jeremy continued: ‘My dad always told me where there’s drink, there’s trouble. 

‘People don’t realise when you have depression and a mental illness that you don’t like yourself as a person.

‘Especially when you don’t have your parents around saying what’s right or wrong. But I can’t change the past. 

Straight and narrow: The businessman said coming out of prison and starting afresh was’ hard because in this country people don’t accept rehabilitation’ (pictured in August 2017)

‘I was trying to be a bad boy but really I’m not. I was a virgin until I was 18! I’m a well brought up man, I just got lost down that path.’ 

Jeremy has managed to turn his life around by becoming director of company Hair of Istanbul. 

He’s become close pals with CEO M Faith Akendir and together they plan to expand the hair transplant business across the globe.  

Best pals: Jeremy says he’s formed a close bond with Hair of Istanbul CEO M Faith Akendir (pictured) after becoming a director of the business 

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