Ten weeks after giving birth, the Topshop heiress is on a yacht in Turkey showing off her fabulous post-baby bod — and her and the Hot Felon’s newborn son! Click here for the first photo of their little one’s face.

Jeremy Meeks, 34, and Chloe Green, 27, welcomed their son Jayden to the world on May 29, but this is the first time we’re getting a glimpse of their little one’s face — and boy, is he precious! While we had only seen a single shot on the Topshop heiress’s Instagram before this when she revealed Jayden’s little hands and polka-dot onesie, this new shot is the real deal. Jeremy and Chloe were on her family’s yacht in Turkey on August 13, but weren’t relaxing at sea alone! They brought their little one with them, and a photo was snapped of Jayden in his momma’s arms. He was wearing a striped tee shirt, and while only his profile could be seen, his chubby cheek and perfect nose were enough to warm our hearts. CLICK HERE FOR PICS OF JEREMY AND CHLOE’S SON.

From this angle, it’s hard to tell which parent he looks more like. Does he have his dad’s signature eye color, or maybe his mom’s honey hair? Only time will tell. But what we do know is that Chloe’s body is so on point that we can barely believe she gave birth to Jayden just ten weeks ago. Since she was wearing a black two-piece as she walked around the boat, got sunblocked by her baby daddy and took a solo dip in the water, her post-baby bod was on full display. She looked incredible, and we’re dying to know her secret. Maybe her arms are so toned from the gigantic diamond ring she’s been wearing on THAT finger lately. The possible engagement ring does look pretty dang heavy.

But we bet all of the trash collecting she and Jeremy while out on the yacht sure didn’t hurt her weight-loss progress. “Jeremy and I went past a little cove and found the craziest amount of plastic and polystyrene,” she captioned a photo of them sitting on a pile of trash bags. “We made it our mission to gather a team together to clean it up.” Adding that to our workout regimen ASAP — good for the environment and for your abs, apparently!

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