Jessie James Decker ‘Mom Shamed’ For Drinking While Breastfeeding

Jessie appeared to have a glass of rosé wine in her hand as she nursed her 4-month-old son.

Country singer and reality star Jessie James Decker is feeling the heat after sharing a photo of herself breastfeeding her son. As reported by Entertainment Tonight, the mom of three faced a wave of backlash on social media this week after she shared a photo on her Instagram page on August 3 that showed her feeding her son while holding a glass of what appeared to be wine.

Jessie didn’t confirm in the caption exactly what was in the glass she was drinking from as she breastfed her 4-month-old son, Forrest, though many assumed in the comments section that she had a glass of rosé wine in her hand.

The snap showed her holding her son using her arm and leg while then throwing up a piece sign to the camera and holding the glass in her left hand. She then captioned the photo, “Cheers b***hes.”

Though it’s not clear if the drink was wine or if it was alcoholic or not, many slammed and “mom shamed” the “Turn Out The Lights” singer in the comments section, assuming that she was in fact drinking alcohol while breastfeeding.

Per ET, one Instagram user asked the star who’s married to NFL star Eric Decker, “Why are you drinking while feeding your child?” before then going as far as to call her decision to have a glass, “Disgusting.”

Another then added on the social media site after seeing Jessie’s latest snap, “Breastfeeding while drinking alcohol causes us babies to have slower mobility.”

But while many called out the country star in the comments section, other opted to defend Jessie in the comments section of the snap, which already has more than 318,000 likes.

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“You go mama. Don’t listen to all of the negative people they are jealous they can’t look that good breast feeding and sipping down a glass of rosé!” one fan told the star after seeing the wave of negative comments that flooded her nursing photo.

People revealed that another said to Jessie that their “pediatrician told me it was perfectly fine just don’t get hammered lol.”

The latest photo comes shortly after Inquisitr reported that Decker shared a snap of her post baby body on the social media site three weeks after giving birth where she told her followers that she was “keepin it real” by sharing the snap that showed her looking a little swollen and bloated.

Decker then shared some advice for her fellow moms in the caption, writing, “be proud, don’t stress over post baby body, just enjoy your new baby because these are beautiful moments and memories you will cherish forever.”

Jessie James Decker and her husband Eric Decker are already parents to four-year-old Vivianne and two-year-old Eric.

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