Jessie James Decker Slammed For Breastfeeding While Holding What Appears To Be Alcohol

Another day, another round of mommy shaming! Breastfeeding and wine usually don’t go hand in hand, which is why Jessie’s latest Insta post is receiving so much backlash. See the controversial pic for yourself!

One of these things is not like the other… Jessie James Decker, 30, posted a gorgeous pic on social media breastfeeding her little one with a messy bun, a peace sign pose and — a glass of wine? Cue the record scratch. With the same hand that’s propping her diapered baby Forrest up against her chest, the mother of three is holding onto something that looks suspiciously like a glass of wine. Of course, it’s impossible to tell for sure, but she did caption the photo, “Cheers b*tches,” and followers were quick to take up arms against her. “Being a ‘role model’ comes with some level of responsibility,” one wrote. But what these haters forgot to mention is the fact that while alcohol is a definite no-no during pregnancy, levels in breastmilk aren’t likely to affect babies, especially if consumed just after feeding. Maybe Jessie was going to reward herself with this glass of wine afterwards?

Not everyone participated in the social media backlash, though! Some of Jessie’s faithful followers had her back, pointing out that it’s impossible to tell whether or not she drank anything from the glass. The whole pic could have been a staged joke! “No proof she even took a sip.” Another person wrote, “To each their own. I doubt she’s having enough drinks to harm her baby.” We’re glad to see people sticking up for her, considering how intense mommy shaming has become. Chrissy Teigen can’t even post a photo of herself breastfeeding her baby — a beautiful thing! — without fans coming at her. And when Khloe Kardashian started controversy when she returned to the gym after giving birth and when she returned to work. These celeb mommas can’t do right by everybody!

Jessie just has to do right by her kids, and she sure seems to be trying. When she posted a video in July about how the difficult time she was having losing baby weight this time around, she wrote, “I’m one of those women that holds onto every little ounce of weight that I have to continue to make milk for my baby. So in the end all that matters is he’s healthy and eating well.”

As long as she’s staying smart and keeping her baby safe, we hope Jessie tunes out the negativity flooding her feed. Taking care of three kids is hard enough without endless commentary from strangers.

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