Jolie-Pitt Kids Then & Now: Watch Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Kids Grow Up Over The Years

Maddox Jolie-Pitt turned 17 today, proving that time truly does fly by! Check out the full timeline all of six of their kids growing up through the years right here!

Happy 17th birthday, Maddox Jolie-Pitt! With Maddox one year older, we thought we’d take a stroll through memory lane to see how all six of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s children — Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne, Pax and Knox — have grown up and how their family has changed. For instance, when Maddox was adopted, Angelina was still married to Billy Bob Thorton, and now, Brad and Angelina are in a contentious custody battle. Seriously, we do NOT know where the time went so don’t even try to ask us. Check out our timeline of the Jolie-Pitt children getting older through the years with out gallery above!

We reported earlier how California divorce attorney Kelly Chang Rickert told us EXCLUSIVELY how Angelina may be at risk of losing custody of her six children during her fierce legal battle with Brad. “Angelina grew up raised by a single mom,” Kelly told us. “It’s very possible that she thinks this is normal and is willing to fight for it. She also had some of these kids before Brad came in the picture, so it’s possible she thinks of them as ‘her kids’. I absolutely think this will backfire. What people don’t understand is that judges are more likely to award custody to the party that shares. The most awful example of parenting in family court is a ‘gatekeeper’ – someone that refuses to allow the other parent to see the children. Angelina has already been warned. Continuing the fight will fare very badly for her.”

However, Angelina remains stalwart in her belief that Brad shouldn’t be able to see their children… at all. “Angelina wants nothing to do with Brad anymore, and therefore she doesn’t want the children to have anything to do with him either,” a source close to Angelina EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “This isn’t a sudden development, this has been going on ever since they split, but has been building in strength as Angelina realizes she is not going to get her own way, and that Brad is going to have a relationship with his children, whether she likes it or not.”

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