Jordan Holgerson: Teen Shoved Off Bridge, 16, Wants Pusher Friend To Rot ‘In Jail,’ Despite Apology

Taylor Smith apologized for pushing 16-year-old Jordan Holgerson off a bridge, but Jordan is not ready to forgive so quickly. In fact, she wants her former friend to do time in jail for what she did.

As Jordan Holgerson, 16, continues to recover from her horrific injuries after being pushed off a bridge by Taylor Smith, 18, she is speaking out about how she hopes her former friend is punished. “At first, I didn’t really want Taylor to get in trouble,” Jordan admitted to NBC News. “But now that I’ve thought about it more, I’m kind of wanting her to sit in jail and think about at least what she did.” The 16-year-old is home from the hospital, but has a long road to go in her recovery after suffering six broken ribs, two punctured lungs, and several other internal injuries, which she obtained in the Aug 7 fall.

The video of Taylor pushing Jordan 60-feet off a bridge at Moultan Falls Region Park in Washington was absolutely horrifying to watch. After the video went viral, Taylor came forward to explain that she “feels really bad” about what happened, and said she apologized to Jordan. However, Jordan is, understandably, not so ready to forgive. “I kind of got mad because the rest of my summer’s gone,” she admitted. “And I’m probably going to be recovering for the rest of the school year.”

Jordan admitted that she wanted to jump off the bridge herself, but wound up getting scared because of how high the fall was. Taylor pushed her anyway, and she belly flopped onto the water below.

“I’m in a lot of pain,” Jordan admitted. “In the mornings, it’s the worst. It hurts to breathe. My side hurts, my shoulder hurts. I can’t even get up.” Taylor said she has left her home because she’s been the victim of death threats in the days since she’s been identified as Jordan’s pusher.

As for Jordan’s wish that Taylor does jail time — a Washington state criminal defense attorney told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that we can probably expect a decision within the next week. However, even if Taylor isn’t put behind bars, Jordan can still sue her for trauma herself, based on the level of damages she suffered.

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