After enjoying a summer with shaggy, bleach-blond hair that, at times, mirrored his fiancée's style, Justin Bieber finally bit the bullet and indulged in a haircut while in New York City on Wednesday. Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were spotted together at a salon as he requested a trim from his stylist, seemingly embracing the summer bob that everyone from Rihanna to Emma Roberts has toyed with this summer, and happily sipping on some water while chatting with Baldwin salon employees.

The results aren't too dramatic when you look at it from a 360-degree angle, but it's always important to maintain your hair, isn't it? Meanwhile, his '80s-inspired mustache stayed the same, much to Hailey's chagrin.

It seems the recently engaged couple has been spending most of their summer within the confines of New York City, having been spotted making out from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back again — sometimes even in matching outfits. This comes after the duo got engaged earlier this summer during a romantic Bahamas vacation.

Could the haircut potentially be a pre-wedding shape-up? Considering Bieber recently admitted to paparazzi that the next item on his to-do list is his nuptials to Baldwin, it's definitely a possibility. Even more telling: The couple has already met with a pastor, Baldwin's already confirmed a few bridesmaids, and sources say wedding planning is already well underway.

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