K-Pop Sensation BLACKPINK & Dua Lipa Are Collaborating On A Song & Fans Are Living For It

Blinks, prepare yourselves. Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK are collaborating on a new song! Learn more about ‘Kiss and Make Up’!

We definitely ‘GAF‘ about this! Dua Lipa announced a super special deluxe edition of her hit debut album, Dua Lipa, that features three new collaborations. The most exciting of the batch? A song with K-Pop group BLACKPINK called “Kiss and Make Up”! Dua didn’t give her fans any more information about the collaboration besides the song’s name, but needless to say, everyone’s excited. BLACKPINK’s dedicated Blinks knew something was up when they spotted Jennie and Lisa at Dua’s concert in Seoul recently, but nobody expected a collaboration!

And don’t think this is just a “Dua Lipa ft. BLACKPINK” situation. Dua’s confirmed that they’re sharing equal space on the track, a true collaboration. How exciting is that? BLACKPINK’s fans are so pumped over the news, and they’re jumping for joy on Twitter! The reaction gifs alone and freaking hilarious.

“Thank you Dua Lipa! BLINKS love you,” @BLACKPINK_WW tweeted. “BLACKPINK IM F**KING SCREECHING IT’S REAL HFHFHDHDH,” tweeted an extremely excited fan called @biclexual. Other fans are begging Dua for just a teensy, tiny snippet of “Kiss and Make Up” before they have to wait for the album. And, obviously, they want a “Kiss and Make Up” music video, like, yesterday. Tick tock!

“Kiss and Make Up” isn’t the only new song on the Dua Lipa two-disc “super deluxe” album. Along with the previously announced collaboration with Silk City (Diplo and Mark Ronson) called “Electricity,” she’s also releasing two solo tracks called “Want To” and “Running”. Ugh, we cannot wait!

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