Kailyn Lowry: I Married Javi Marroquin Because I Was ‘Young’ and ‘Desperate’

Not seeing eye-to-eye. Kailyn Lowry and ex-husband Javi Marroquin engaged in a heated war of words on Twitter after Lowry shared her reasoning for marrying him.

The 26-year-old Teen Mom 2 star engaged in a conversation with a Twitter user on Friday, August 10.

“When i met javi he lied to me and told me he didn’t know who i was,” Lowry wrote. “Creeped his twitter and sure as s—t he had tweeted me a week prior. That was after he got picked to do True life and the girl refused.”

Another Twitter user chimed in asking, “But but but why did you got married with him if you knew all of this?” Lowry responded, “I was young and ignored red flags apparently. What most would call desperate.”

Marroquin, 25, wasn’t amused. “Stop tweeting about me. Stop seeking validation,” he wrote in a since deleted Tweet, according to Radar. “Move on, please. Like, we’re grown now … That’s for the birds.”

When eagle-eyed followers noticed that Marroquin’s comment was gone, he explained that it had been removed,  “Because we’re too grown to be going back and fourth.”

The TV personality added: “I’m enjoying my life as privately as I can. I don’t need to be looking for validation from social media.”

Lowry spoke to Us Weekly about where she stands with Marroquin in June. “As for Javi, the timeline is so messy,” she said. “I regret ever revisiting our past and even speaking about a reconciliation. We’ve always made better friends than romantic partners. And I do wish him and his family the best.”

The reality star and Marroquin share son, Lincoln, 4. The MTV alum is also mom to 8-year-old son, Isaac and 1-year-old Lux. Meanwhile, Marroquin’s current girlfriend, Lauren Comeau, is pregnant with their first child.

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