Kanye West Finally Breaks Silence On His Beef With Drake: ‘It Hits Me In A Really Sensitive Place’

Drake and Kanye West have been beefing ever since he produced Pusha T’s track that outed Drizzy’s love child. Now Ye says that he’s hoping one day they can resolve their differences.

It was the rap feud that kicked off the summer when the Kanye West produced Pusha T track “The Story of Adidon” revealed that Drake had a secret son. Drizzy eventually copped to it but it was hardly the way he wanted the world to find out about his son Adonis with former hookup Sophie Brussaux. It also ignited a major beef between Drake and Kanye, and now for the first time Yeezy is speaking out about it. He appeared on Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI Morning Show on Aug. 29 and revealed how there’s no beef where he’s concerned and the whole thing really hurt him personally.

“I was thinking just my mood, like when we was talking about the Drake thing, like it hits me in a really sensitive place,” Kanye revealed. “Cause you hang around people and they come to your house, be around your family and this and that, and then they get mad about a beat and they send purple demon emojis. I don’t play like that. I don’t play in that place. I don’t understand that. I’m not a gangsta like that. Look, it ain’t no beef. Ain’t nobody got beef. Ain’t nobody going to jail.”

Immediately after Pusha’s “Adidion” track dropped, Drake hit back less than 24 hours later with an epic clap back track “Duppy Freestyle” that dissed both Pusha and Kanye. By that time Yeezy had retreated to Jackson, Wyoming, going into seclusion before his own album dropped on June 1, He was also laying low after a disastrous May 1 TMZ Live appearance where he riled up the entire rap community by declaring “slavery was a choice.” Kanye revealed how the diss track came at a time when he was feeling really emotionally vulnerable.

“We all got love for Drake,” he continued. “We understand that he got upset about it. I feel that it was insensitive for him in any way stress me out anyway after TMZ, while I’m in Wyoming, healing, pulling all pieces together, working on my music. You know, we’ll reconcile that one day, because we got to. Because we got work to do.”

Kanye also shot down rumors that he passed on the information about Drake’s secret love child for Pusha to use in his song. “”No I didn’t,” when asked about it. “Don’t pull me into this conversation. Like, I’m ‘Ye. I got major things to do other than to be telling him some information about Drake.” For his part, Drizzy is still super pissed off. While performing in Kanye’s home town of Chicago on Aug. 18, he changed a lyric in “Know Yourself to shade the “Fade” rapper. Instead of, “Then Kanye dropped, it was polos and backpacks,” Drake dropped “Then Kanye flopped, it was polos and backpacks.” Brutal!

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