Kate Lawler rushes newborn daughter Noa back to hospital after she catches infection

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Kate Lawler has rushed her baby daughter Noa back to hospital after she caught an infection.

The 40 year old gave birth to her first child with fiancé Martin earlier this month, but has faced difficulties since the birth.

Noa was not allowed home from hospital for four days as she was kept in an incubator while struggling to breathe.

Big Brother winner Kate has now revealed she has now stayed in hospital overnight with her tot after her finger became infected.

The reality star revealed to her 263,000 Instagram followers: "Noa has paronychia. It's an infection of the finger and it's being treated with antibiotics via the cannula.

"She slept well from 4am. She looks healthy so hopefully it's a sign she's responding well. Hopefully we can go home later this evening."

"I am in awe of this little lady's strength and bravery," she emotionally continued alongside a red love heart emoji.

Posting an image of Noa in hospital to her Instagram page, Kate wrote: "It took eight attempts to get her cannula in.

"That's eight needles into a different part of her hand and foot until they were successful. We have to stay 24 hours. I need to sleep."

Radio presenter Kate told her 263,000 Instagram followers that she had called 111 after realising Noa's fingertip was "red, hot and swollen."

She continued: "Was told to bring her straight to A&E to get it seen to as it's infected.

"Have been seen by a nurse, just waiting for doctor. Noa seems in good spirits. She just did a big toilet so I changed her nappy and guess what she then did? Yep. Another big toilet.

"Good job I brought my changing bag with multiple nappies in," Kate continued to joke.

She later announced the pair were having to stay in hospital overnight as Noa is "too young to be sent home with antibiotics.

"They've attempted to put a cannula in four times but it's not worked. Noa was so distressed. They're giving her a rest before trying again."

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