Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom Are Reportedly Postponing Their Wedding

I hate to be the bearer of bad news here for any of you who were hoping for some A-List wedding pics on your newsfeed this holiday season, but Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are reportedly postponing their wedding. While the couple was apparently set to marry in December, they have reportedly decided postpone for what seems to be a pretty legit reason. “They changed the timing due to the location they want,” an insider reportedly told Us Weekly on Dec. 4. OK, I mean, that’s fair. Why not wait a little longer so that you can tie the knot at your dream location? Plus, the source reportedly maintained that Bloom and Perry are “beyond in love” and are reportedly having a blast planning their wedding, so it seems like the postponement doesn’t signal any sort of trouble in paradise.

In addition to planning their wedding, the couple is apparently wasting no time making plans to start a family. “Katy wants to have her first kid soon after they get married,” the source also reportedly noted to Us Weekly. As for their actual wedding plans, the couple is reportedly planning two ceremonies. “They’re going to have one local wedding party, and the other will be a destination wedding party,” the source reportedly shared.

This isn’t the first speed bump Perry and Bloom have it on the road to matrimonial bliss. Back in May, Perry, herself, opened up about her decision to temporarily pause their wedding planning. "We’re taking things one step at a time," she explained during an appearance on Kiss FM, adding that she wants to make sure they have a strong "emotional foundation" before walking down the aisle.

It wasn’t until June, a full four months following their Valentine’s Day engagement, that the couple reportedly started diving into wedding plans. "They are both so busy that they now set aside down time to plan all the personal details," a source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight on June 27. "They are both on the same page about making their wedding a little different. They want it to be modern and exciting."

No matter when the two lovebirds do decide to get married, the important thing is that they’re enjoying the process, which definitely seems to be the case.

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