Kehlani Is Pregnant: “Sex” with Bisexual Boyfriend “Was Bomb … and We Did Have a Lot of It!”

Singer Kehlani took to social media to announce that she is pregnant. And from the pics that she posted, she has been doing a pretty good job of hiding it until now. In announcing the 4-month old pregnancy to her fans, Kehlani said 

i’ve always been very open with you all about my personal adventures & accomplishments… this was the HARDEST to hide. if you know me, you know i’ve dreamt about motherhood since i was very young. when asked what my goals are, it’s always the idea of a big healthy happy family & whatever comes along is a plus.”

Initially, Kehlani was a bit cagey in her announcement about the identity of the father. Kehlani, who self-associates as “queer” but is known to have dated both men and women, has reportedly for some time been seeing her openly bisexual guitarist, Javie “Beans” White Young.

Still, some Kehlani fans thought that the father might instead have been the “Honey” singer’s ex, NBA star Kyrie Irving. But Kehlani dispelled those theories when she dialed into Nicki Minaj’s “Queen” radio show last night, strongly insinuating that Javie is the father and providing some other personal details about the conception of her baby.

About the sex that led to her pregnancy, Kehlani told Nicki

It was bomb and we did have a lot of it, we practiced a lot. We had a short time frame to get pregnant. So we had a lot of it.”

When Nicki asked if the couple was an open relationship or if they see other partners, Kehlani indicated that she and Javie were exploring exclusivity at the moment.

We were friends first and then we became partners, that’s not something you do right away. But if that was one of our wishes in the future we might be open to that.”

So Nicki then asked if the two are actually considering marriage, and Kehlani surprised her by saying that she and her boyfriend have been thinking about it.

I think we’re both still understanding what marriage means to us. But it’s definitely something we’ve discussed. We love each other, but taking it to the government is a whole other level.”

You can check out some pics of Kehlani in the gallery below, as well as the relevant clip from Nicki’s “Queen” show.

(Image source: Kehlani Instagram account)

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