Keith Urban Drops ‘Change Your Mind’ From Upcoming Album

Country superstar Keith Urban has dropped another new song, “Change Your Mind,” from his upcoming album.

The song was written by Matthew Bair and Fransisca Hall. In the song, Urban says that his former lover has changed since leaving him, and he wonders whether he could change her mind about him.

“You changed your world / You changed your hair the clothes you wear … You changed your number and you got some friends I don’t recognize,” Urban sings in the chorus. “But I wonder sometimes Is it too late to try / If I changed, would you change your mind?”

“Change Your Mind” is the fifth of 16 tracks on Urban’s forthcoming album, The Speed of Now Part 1.

Urban had previously released “God Whispered Your Name,” “Polaroid” and “Superman,” from the album. The project also includes two versions of Urban’s 2019 single “We Were” – one version featuring Eric Church and one without him.

The Speed of Now Part 1 is due out on September 18 via Capitol Records Nashville.

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