Kelly Clarkson Gives Best Response To Homophobic Fan Who Slams Lesbian Couple – See Tweet

Do not fill Kelly Clarkson’s mentions with hate, or she will shut. that. noise. down. When someone tweeted a homophobic slur about her fans, Kelly clapped back – with the perfect response!

Some people should really not be online. Such was the case when Teri D Falls (aka @Wildvine74104) tweeted at Kelly Clarkson, 36, after the “Stronger” singer sent her congratulations to Kiana and Amanda Clark after the two tied the knot. “Sorry Kelly…love your music but I don’t dig the d**** ….still a sin any way you cut it,” Teri tweeted. While ugly comments on Twitter are nothing new, this particular slice of hate received a reply from Ms. Clarkson. “I almost didn’t respond 2 this because hate doesn’t deserve a spotlight but u know what?”

“Truth does,” Kelly added, “and the truth is that God is love and love shared between two people should be praised, not condemned, in my personal opinion. I love you too although we see the world/love differently.” So, instead of pulling out the claws, Kelly offered a loving hug to the hater. Will Teri suddenly accept LGBTQ people and stop tweeting misspelled homophobic slurs to pop stars? Probably not, but who knows? Maybe love will triumph over hate after all?

Perhaps Kelly’s kindness was inspired by Kiana and Amanda’s story. In 2016, Kelly helped the two get engaged when she invited them on stage during one of her concerts, per PEOPLE. While there, Kiana talked about Kelly’s influence on her life, which would prompt her to get down on one knee to propose to Amanda. Judging by the picture they tweeted to Kelly on Aug. 19, she said yes.

“WE DID IT!” Kiana said, showing a picture of her and Amanda in white. The two tied the knot and both looked stunning in white. “Let’s keep the LOVE going shall we?” Kiana tweeted. “When I came out to my mom at 18.. she cried. Not because I was gay, but because she thought my life was going to be hard as a result. Well Mom.. I made it! I have THE best and happiest life. Thanks to you and dad for always supporting me 100%.”

Kelly Clarkson has been an avid supporter of the LGBTQ community, so Terri’s tweet seems a bit uneducated. Kelly started a fundraising campaign with the It Gets better project in 2017, helping raise money for the organization in order to provide support, encouragement and hope for at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. Kelly, “as a mother and as someone who wants my kids to grow up where their self worth,” she supports the efforts to “uplift young LGBTQ+ people through messages of hope and positivity.”

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