Looks like Tristan is taking the competition off of the basketball court and into the home! The prize? Baby True’s attention! Find out why Khloe is getting ‘annoyed’ by the silly side of his relationship with their daughter.

Someone’s jealous! Khloe Kardashian, 34, might crack viewers up when she jokes around on Keeping Up With the Kardashians with her sisters, but she’s having a hard time getting a grin on her little girl’s face. And to rub salt in the wound even further, three-month-old True Thompson has no problem getting silly with her dad. The two of them are close, and it’s got Khloe feeling left out. “Well her dad, she smiles and [her] tongue sticks out, like, f*cking do the same thing to me!” the new mom said during an NYC panel for her Good American Activewear launch. “I am protesting. I am not going to FaceTime. It does nothing but bother me more.” Aw! We feel this new momma’s pain. True has such a sweet smile, and it’s not fair if Tristan Thompson is the only one bringing it out.

But just because she’s boycotting video calls doesn’t mean that Khloe is giving up yet! By the sound of things, she’s going to make her little one laugh if it’s the last thing she does. “I do the dumbest things. I am trying to get her to giggle,” she revealed. “That is all I want to hear, and I do the craziest things. It drives me crazy that she won’t laugh.” Who knows? Maybe if she gets True to giggle, she’ll take Tristan’s place as the fave. It’s not too late to turn her from a daddy’s girl into mommy’s little angel, right? Sure, we’ve seen enough videos to know that the four-month-old loves dancing with her dad, not to mention sharing sweet snuggles, but the dad and daughter aren’t the only ones with a special bond!

Khloe literally has a ring on her engagement finger that spells True’s name in diamonds. And she got so used to her routine with her baby girl that she had a really a hard time leaving her to go back to work.

If you ask us, they both deserve smiles and laughs from True! Keep on goofing around, Khlo — it’ll happen.

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