Khloe Kardashian Forced To Turn Off Insta Comments After Trolls Attack Her Daughter, 5 Mos.

Wondering why you couldn’t tell Khloe how cute she and True looked in their latest mother/daughter pic? The newborn’s skin received so much criticism on a recent post that Khloe disabled Insta comments.

Fans can still comment on Khloe Kardashian‘s Instagram posts — just not this particular one! When the 34-year-old reality star shared a sweet shot of her and her daughter True Thompson, she disabled comments on the photo. With Khloe staring straight at her baby girl and the five-month-old looking right into the camera with rosy cheeks a pink bib, it was an adorable pic. So why not let fans tell her so? Although Khloe didn’t say exactly what led her to turn comments off of this post, fans think it has something to do with the trolls who went after True — yes, the newborn — on Instagram a few days earlier.

It all started when Kim Kardashian, 37, posted a pic of her eight-month-old baby Chicago West having a playdate with Kylie Jenner‘s seven-month-old Stormi Webster and True. While most fans couldn’t get over how adorable the little ladies looked sitting together on a fluffy pink carpet in tiny outfits, some trolls had a lot to say about their skin color — specifically about True’s complexion being darker than her cousins. Those hateful comments aren’t worthy of our attention, but just so your hope in humanity can be restored a little, take heart in the fact that a TON of Instagram users clapped back against the criticism.

“If you can sit and attack babies whether it be about complexion or not YOU’RE DISGUSTING,” one wrote. “These kids didn’t choose to be born to a rich family. Get over it. They’re adorable and will do just fine without y’all.” Another fan added, “How miserable do you have to be to say something hateful about a baby?”

It doesn’t matter one bit whether True’s skin is darker than her cousins, but it isn’t the first time Khloe has faced comments like this about her daughter. Back in May when a fan said, “Her daughter is black which proves O.J. Simpson is Khloe’s dad,” the new mom fired back with, “I mean… her dad is black silly. That’s why she is black babe.”

Khloe has also been mom shamed plenty since giving birth in April, so throwing baby shaming into the mix is the final straw. If turning off her comments is what it takes, then we’re all for it. We just want her to enjoy her time with her little one — without nasty, negative commentary from strangers!

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