Kim Cattrall opted not to have children at 41 while on Sex & The City

‘There’s no way I could’ve done it in a healthy state’: Kim Cattrall, 64, made the decision not to have children at 41 as she was reluctant to quit gruelling Sex And The City role

Kim Cattrall has revealed that she made the conscious decision not to try for children when she was 41 and starring on her iconic show Sex And The City.

The 64-year-old actress, who was newly married to musician Mark Levinson at the time, was in the midst of enjoying immense success on the HBO show during a period when mature women had limited options onscreen.

And in a new interview with the Women’s Prize For Fiction Podcast, out on Wednesday, the British-born star admitted that her gruelling schedule, coupled with her passion for her work, left her feeling motherhood wasn’t a viable option.

Tough decision: Kim Cattrall has revealed that she made the conscious decision not to try for children when she was 41 and starring on her iconic show Sex And The City

She told host Zing Tsjeng: ‘This was 1998, I would have to become a bit of a science experiment… My partner and I would have to be available to have sex at a certain time… There’s just no way, I could have done that in a healthy, emotional, physical, or even physical state, and do 19-hour days.

‘So I was also 41. And, and I just thought that I have to make a decision here for my well being. And I love to work, my work has been my passport to my independence and my freedom and my education… 

‘So the thought of it in my 40s, where the amount of scripts were more than cut in half, because now I was no longer considered the young lady… My roles were being taken over by younger and younger women. So that was the system and still is to a great degree.’

Success: The 64-year-old actress was in the midst of enjoying huge success on the HBO show. Pictured with co-stars (L-R) Cynthia Nixon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis

The Canadian-raised actress, who played the role of sex positive publicist Samantha Jones on the hit show, continued: ‘But the great thing is that women now are writing great parts for women, and they’re in their 60s.

‘But at that time, to get a show, like Sex in the City, which had not at the very beginning, but became very much [pro feminist], especially with my character, a feminist stance about sexuality, in particular.

‘So I thought to myself, I don’t know if I can do this, I don’t, I can go through all of whatever the doctor tells us to do. And we can do it down to the letter, and I still might not be able to maintain a pregnancy, which is heartbreaking.

‘You know, I’ve been there. And so I thought for my well being, I was going to find another way to be, you know, to have children to have to be a parent.

Ex: At the time, the star who was newly married to musician Mark Levinson. Pictured in 2000

‘And that’s when I started after the show, in particular, finished because it was so demanding when we weren’t filming the show, we were promoting the show.

‘I’d never done a series before. So it was all encompassing, and it was, a lot of it was a lot of fun. And I loved it and, you know, being being a new territory, so always exciting, you know

‘So I felt like we were and so I made the decision that I was I was not going to have children, did that change the way you kind of viewed the show or approach the show at all?’ 

Kim – who starred Sex And The City alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis – enjoyed a hugely successful run on the show until 2004, when it came to an end.

Popular character: Kim was immensely popular on the show as sex positive publicist Samantha Jones. Pictured with former co-star Jason Lewis

Two movies followed, although Kim became the focus of much controversy when a third instalment was shelved after she refused to take part, amid reports of a feud with her co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Speaking of that time, Kim recalled: ‘I remember getting a lot of grief on social media for not wanting to do a film. And that was astonishing. 

‘Some of the things that people wrote to me, like, you know, “I work in a bank, and I don’t like this person, and I don’t like the hours, I don’t like this, and I do it. So you just do it! Oh, my God, so much misery, you know.’

The actress, has been based in New York City for decades, has been spending time on Canada’s Vancouver Island during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Movies: Two Sex And The City movies followed after the end of the show, with a third being shelved following Kim’s refusal to be a part of it. Pictured in 2010’s Sex And The City 2

‘I’m on Vancouver Island where I have home where I grew up,’ she said. ‘My parents immigrated to Canada when I was just a baby.

‘So they slowly but surely made their way west, which reflected more of the climate that they were used to, you know, cool summers and mild winters. So this is where I grew up between here in Liverpool.

‘And in 2014, I bought a home here, which was at the time quite a big decision to come to come home in some in some regards.

‘But I’m so glad that I made it that decision and especially during a pandemic. It’s a very restorative and safe place to be I can only imagine because I know it is beautiful out there it is. It is a good place to get a lot of reading done.’

Listen to Kim Cattrall’s full interview on the Women’s Prize For Fiction Podcast, available from midnight on Wednesday.

Foe: It was widely reported that Kim and Sarah Jessica Parker were feuding. Pictured in 2008

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