Kim Kardashian And Former Assistant Stephanie Shepherd Come Together To Let Fans Know They Were Never Feuding

‘I’m so happy she wants to go off and do other things,’ Kim says.

Contrary to many reports, there’s absolutely no bad blood between Kim Kardashian and her former assistant, Stephanie Shepherd.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star invited a special guest on her popular website/app this afternoon in former assistant Stephanie Shepherd who fans know as “Steph Shep.” According to People, the ladies were sick and tired of rumors of any ongoing feud between them that they decided to set the record straight to fans and naysayers once and for all.

As many fans will recall, Kim and Stephanie went their own separate ways last fall. It was reported that the pair got into a tiff after Shepherd wanted to “take on a bigger role” in Kim’s businesses, but it ended up not working out. Back in 2016, Shepherd was appointed COO of Kardashian West Brand and previously, Shepherd served as an assistant to Kim dating back to 2013.

“You guys, we’ve never had a feud,” Kardashian West shared before telling fans that the ladies simply chose “to go in a different direction.”

Kim explained that she was happy to see her former assistant go her own separate way and do things that make her happy. Kardashian also went on to say that she encouraged Stephanie to go on whatever path that she had chosen for herself while reiterating to fans that just because their professional relationship came to an end doesn’t mean that their personal relationship did.

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“We really never even stopped talking,” Shepherd chimed while also confessing that headlines regarding her “split” with Kim were hard to read.

“If it were true, I would be freaking out,” she added.

Both ladies then agreed that the headlines that their friendship was over were annoying and hard to hear.

“And it’s also different because you haven’t had that kind of energy, so it’s hard to explain to someone, ‘It’s not true, we know that, chill out, don’t even pay it any attention.’ Because it’s hard to not pay it [attention] because people really believe things,” Kim said.

And Shepherd is still really close with many of Kardashian’s sisters including Kourtney Kardashian, who makes regular appearances on Shepherd’s Instagram page and vice-versa. Now, according to Elite Daily, Stephanie has a job that is way different than that of a personal assistant for a celebrity. Currently, the black-haired beauty is modeling and has already appeared in a few big name campaigns, including one for 8 Other Reasons jewelry.

She’s also still enjoying the limelight, attending events like the Vanity Fair Oscar party this past March.

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