Is this just part of Kim Kardashian’s parenting methods? The ‘KUWTK’ star was dragged by onlookers after she reportedly ate lunch at a different table than her daughter, North West. What is going on?

To be fair to Kim Kardashian, 37, it’s quite possible that North West, 5, kicked her mom off the “cool kids” table when they grabbed a bite to eat at Miami’s Carpaccio restaurant. The two were spotted lunching at the “fancy …restaurant” over the weekend, per Page Six, but the two ate at separate tables! Kim sat at one, while North and her nanny were at the other! A person who posted about it online, according to Page Six, said the whole thing was “#sad.”

Or, was it? There may be a reason for this “separate but together” lunch set-up, as sources tell Page Six that Kim had her daughter eat at a different table because they were being followed by a videographer, and didn’t want North to be in the shot, “lest the footage end up on TV.” While North appears frequently on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim is fully in control as to when and how her eldest daughter is seen. It seems that by keeping her at arm’s length, she’s actually protecting her from the public.

It’s nice to think that Kim is trying to give North a chance to grow up away from the cameras and the pressures of being a Kardashian-West. On the other hand, North West rocks clothes worth thousands of dollars while carrying purses worth $700 and more. Yes, there are times that she acts just like any 5-year-old – like the temper tantrum she threw ahead of her most recent birthday – but let’s be honest: at the end of the day, she’s still a Kardashian.

She’s also realizing that her family — or, at least, her mother – is famous. In fact, she asked Kim about that recently, as revealed by Ms. Kardashian-West’s interview with Real 92.3. When North asked her mother “why are you famous,” it took Kim a moment to think up an answer. Instead of saying that she burst into the public consciousness thanks to the 2007 sex tape with Ray J, Kim simply said, “We have a TV show.” That was good enough for North, allowing Kim to dodge that bullet for another day. Maybe in a decade or so, she’ll reveal the truth to her daughter.

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