Kim Kardashian Trolls Mommy Shamers Before They Bash Pic Of Chicago & Saint’s ‘Wild Hair’

You know Kim has been mommy shamed too much when she defends herself before any accusations have even been made! No, she isn’t psychic. She just knows what the haters are going to zero in on!

Kim Kardashian, 37, has to deal with a LOT of social media negativity — so much that she has learned how to predict what the haters will say and beat them to the punch! In fact, she captioned her latest picture of her babies Saint, 2, and Chicago West, 7 months, with a disclosure. “Wild Hair Don’t Care,” she wrote, adding, “Don’t worry I’m holding her up from the back.” In the shot, the sweet siblings are both wearing their hair natural. Chicago is on her older brother’s shoulders, and he’s holding onto her ankle and wearing a huge smile on his face. Aw! Clearly Kim has quite the talent, though, because you know her comments would have been flooded with criticism if she hadn’t cleared that part up. But she’s not the only mom in Hollywood who knows how to stop mommy shamers before they get going.

Chrissy Teigen, 32, does it all the time! The mother of two posted a photo of her babies Luna, 2, and Miles Legend, 3 months, on an airplane this month and trolled naysayers before they could even try trolling her. Miles had a seatbelt wrapped around his tiny waist, while Luna didn’t have hers on at all. So after writing, “We made it home,” Chrissy added, “Photo for photo purposes, not approved seating by the FAA.” LOL! We love that she and Kim keep it real on Instagram. It’s clear that they don’t let the haters get under their skin. If they wanted parenting advice, they’d ask for it!

Most fans agree with that logic. One even told her, “Don’t explain yourself. It’s a beautiful and adorable picture.” But some people have found other reasons to bash Kim for this pic. “Wild? That’s his natural hair idiot. Or do you not know your own son?” Yikes! She can’t win, no matter what she does or says.

We hope Kim let’s all the criticism slide right off of her. She doesn’t have time for any of this negativity, especially when she’s got these adorable tykes running around. Just look at their chubby cheeks!

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