Season 15 of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ premieres Aug. 5 at 9 p.m., and Kim and Khloe have noticed sister Kourtney’s major ‘tude recently. In the this newly released clip, they both want to know: ‘Why are you so bitchy these days?’

Ouch, who got on Kourtney Kardashian’s bad side? Apparently, her sisters Khloe, 39, and Kim, 37, did, as well as Khloe’s…furniture. Season 15 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians kicks off on Aug. 5, and Khloe and Kim begin the anticipated new era of KUWTK in this sneak peek clip below, which E! released on July 31, by taking a stand against Kourt’s “bitchy” attitude. Maybe Kourtney would notice the side glances and under-their-breath comments if she’d only look up from her iPhone, which she refuses to do as Kim tries to plan a baby shower for daughter Chicago. Sadly, they expected this, since Khloe tells Kim before Kourtney strolls up, “I don’t understand the f***ing attitude. I’m like so afraid of her.”

“What do you want me to do? Sit and stare?” Kourtney says instead of offering a “hello,” after not noticing her sisters’ silent but silly attempts to grab her attention. With that, Kim launches into her baby shower plans, but needs “a little bit of help” because of an upcoming photo shoot. While Khloe gushes how she’ll help with the baby shower and approves of Kim’s proposed cherry blossom party theme, Kourtney stays mum, eyes strictly on her phone screen.  Kim doesn’t let Kourtney’s lack of participation slip and concludes the meeting by saying, “Alright, thank you for the help. Thank you for being so present.”

Kourtney takes the bait, but unexpectedly goes after Khloe instead. “Who let you choose black covers for your furniture? Disgusting,” Kourtney says. Khloe, taken aback, later says, “When I come into your house, I’ll make sure to say just a critical comment.” Kourtney assures that Khloe does indeed do that “every time,” to which Khloe matter-of-factly asks, “What is up your ass?”

Kourtney’s reasoning is that she’s simply a “born bitch,” but Khloe calls out the euphemism: “You’re just mean.” Maybe not so surprisingly, that riff only serves as an appetizer for the even louder blowouts to come in the rest of Season 15, as the new KUWTK trailer, released on June 29, showed us. “Kim and Khloe question Kourtney’s drive and priorities, causing Kourtney to contemplate her loyalty to the family,” E! said after releasing the trailer. Well, that may be what’s up Kourtney’s butt, Khloe – she might be feeling attacked herself! Whatever it is, the tension must not be too bad between the sisters, because all three of them are looking fitter than ever in recent pictures.

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