Kris Jenner Is Reportedly ‘Livid’ At Kanye West Over Unhinged Rants & ‘Petty S**t&#8217

Kris Jenner has had it up to HERE!

The KUWTK momager is reportedly ‘livid’ at Kanye West after yet another one of his explosive rants has gone viral and swept across the internet like forest fire — and it’s all come back to haunt him

According to a source speaking to the media, Kris reportedly believes Kanye to be “putting his family in danger” by making so many enemies and calling so many people out — including, but not limited to, DrakeTyson Beckford, and Nick Cannon in the most recent episode.

The source allegedly revealed more (below):

“Kris is not happy at all and she reamed Kanye out because she thinks that he is putting his family in danger … Kris has told Kanye that Drake is shady, and everyone knows he is shady. She knows that she cannot silence Kanye ever, but she told him that she doesn’t want him going off about it anymore.”


And as for Kim, you ask?!

Well, she’s more low key — but she also wants things to quiet down (below):

“Kim is thankful that he put them in their place, but she just wants the petty s**t to end.”

No kidding!

Crazy times, y’all! What do U think about it all???

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