Kris Jenner moves into Calabasas-area mansion next to daughter Khloe

Kris Jenner moves into new $20M mansion in exclusive Hidden Hills gated community – next door to daughter Khloe Kardashian’s future home – complete with huge pool and sprawling grounds

Kris Jenner has moved into a brand new $20 million mansion built next to her daughter Khloe Kardashian’s future home.

The momager, 66, now resides in an exclusive gated community in Hidden Hills, California, which neighbors the Kardashian hometown of Calabasas, according to x17online.

The site The Dirt previously reported that Kris purchased her home for $20 million, while Khloe spent $17 million on her neighboring abode which is still being built.

New pad: Kris Jenner moved into a new $20 million mansion in exclusive Hidden Hills gated community complete with huge pool and sprawling grounds 

Close: Kris has moved next door to her daughter Khloe Kardashian (the pair are pictured on Saturday Night Live in October) 

The construction of the mansions has been documented throughout the building process, with Kris’s home – which is composed of dark grey brickwork – slightly ahead in the building process.

Jenner’s home has sprawling grounds and a grassy backyard with a pool, grown trees and sprouting shrubbery, new images show, as well as solar paneling.

Khloe’s abode includes a pool house next to the pool, with a large grown tree transplanted into the home’s yard.

Each of the homes is built in a modern farmhouse style, and span a spacious 10,000 sq. ft. 

Property: Kris’s home, pictured on the right, looks to be farther along in the construction process than Khloe’s 

Amazing: Jenner’s home is replete with shrubbery where the matriarch of the reality TV family has settled down


Luxury: A pool is seen surrounded by a lush green grassy area on the grounds of Jenner’s property 

The land was previously owned by construction ace Ron Tutor, and had a 20,000 sq ft. home on the site which Britney Spears once lived in. 

The home was eventually torn down and the land was uninhabited for years until the reality stars began work on their homes.

Both Kris and Khloe sold homes in the area for $15 million and $15.5 million, respectively, last year.

Kris owns another Mediterranean-style property in Hidden Hills where her son Rob is currently residing.

Nice: The stunning home also has an outdoor patio and kitchen area for gathering for the large family and their friends 

Facilities: Jenner’s home includes a large garage area and driveway as construction looks to be near complete on the premises 

Khloe’s home appears to be on the way to completion, as multiple workers were seen tending to the property 

In September, Khloe appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where she opened up about the neighboring mansions.

‘We are so obsessed and in love with one another that we basically bought two different lots next door to each other,’ Khloe told Corden, noting that Kris’s home was ahead of schedule in the construction process next.

‘Of course, Queen Jenner is going to win, but by just two weeks… we’re very neck and neck,’ she said, adding that Kris is ‘going to come over every day for treats’.

‘She’s not going to want to live there at the end of [my home’s] construction anyway. So she thinks she won, but really I get the last laugh,’ Khloe said. ‘She didn’t think about this but she’s not gonna want to live there until it’s all quiet.’


A large supply of construction materials were seen outside of Khloe’s house as workers continue to make progress

Workers were seen tending to details outside of Khloe’s home, as shrubbery and floral arrangements seem to be shaping up

Kris’s house and Khloe’s home border one another with a common area near the driveway

A box of materials were seen outside of Jenner’s home as workers put on the finishing touches 

An overhead shot shows dozens of work vehicles parked on the outskirts of the property amid the construction process 

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