Kristoff St. John: 5 Things To know About Soap Star Who Is Sadly Dead At 52

Kristoff St. John, who fans know from his role on ‘Young and the Restless,’ has passed away at age 52. Here’s 5 things to know about the late actor.

How heartbreaking: Kristoff St. John, the long-time face of Neil Winters on Young and the Restless, has died. The soap star passed away at home, in San Fernando Valley, according to TMZ. The site reports that police responded to a call from friends of the actor, who found him dead at the scene. The soap star was only 52-years-old. According to the site, alcohol may have played a role in his passing. As fans mourn Kristoff’s passing, here’s 5 things to know about him.

1. Kristoff’s entertainment career began at just 7-years-old.

The actor made his television debut at age seven, in a series called, That’s My Mama. He then starred in the series Charlie & Company with Flip Wilson.

2. He’s best known for his role on the long-running soap opera, Young and the Restless.

Kristoff played character Neil Winters on the show. He had appeared on the soap opera since 1991.

3. He’s an Emmy winning actor.

Kristoff won a Daytime Emmy Award for best supporting actor in 2008. Prior to winning, he had been nominated for the same award in 1993, 1999, 2000, and 2007. He was once again nominated in 2015.

4. He also worked on the other side of the camera.

Kristoff formed his very own production company, in order to produce and direct his own projects, according to his bio on In 1995, he produced and hosted the CBS series, CBS Soap Break. The series provided an informative, up-close look at CBS’ well-know soap stars.

5. Kristoff is survived by his two children.

The actor is survived by his daughter Paris Nicole, and daughter, Lola. Sadly, his son Julian, who he shared with ex-wife and boxer Mia St. John, committed suicide in 2014, while receiving treatment at a mental health facility. Kristoff himself had his own fair share of mental health struggles leading up to his death, and in 2017, was hospitalized after allegedly threatening to kill himself with a gun.

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