Kylie Jenner Makes Debut As The Face Of The Adidas Originals’ Falcon

Kylie Jenner can add Adidas ambassador to her growing list of job titles.

While she may be the head of makeup giant Kylie Cosmetics, the lip kit guru is now on board as an ambassador for Adidas. According to Refinery 29, Jenner is the new face of the Adidas Falcon shoe. The dad shoe originally hit shelves in 1997 and has recently made a comeback over 20 years later. And who better to be the face of a nostalgic shoe than Kylie Jenner?

Not only is the reality star incredibly famous, she also has an insane amount of followers on Instagram and is well-versed in using it as a marketing tool. It also helps that her sister, Kendall Jenner, and her brother-in-law Kanye West also work with the Adidas brand. When asked why she chose Adidas out of all the brands that she has been approached by, Jenner’s answer was simple.

“Adidas is a creators’ brand which is something I can identify with and respect. Adidas is, and has always been, part of our family. I’m happy to be involved as the face of the Falcon campaign.”

Interestingly enough, the Falcon first dropped the year that Kylie was born. And now that it’s making a comeback, the 21-year-old shared that she likes that the Falcon has been brought back now as she enjoys the bold and bigger silhouettes and the colors that were popular in the ’90s.


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Of course, aside from her lip kits, many people follow Jenner on social media for fashion tips. Often times, the mother of one can be seen wearing dresses with sneakers and going dressy on the top of her outfit and more casual on the bottom. Jenner was asked how she perfected that sort of look and gave her best advice to fans.

“There are no written rules. Nowadays, a sneaker is worn with almost every kind of outfit,” she says. “Being bold and trying something new is almost the best way to create a look that’s individual to you — wear every sneaker with confidence and it’s automatically a look. I love pairing sneakers with a cute dress; it’s the perfect balance.”

And like the shoe, Jenner says that she doesn’t shy away from being bold because it’s just part of who she is and it doesn’t scare or intimidate her to make a bold statement.

“Sometimes people think being bold is to be firm, but in fact being bold for me is being confident, self-assured, and proud of who I am and the decisions I make. Plus, bold is fun.”

The Adidas Falcon shoe can be purchased on the Adidas website. Though they’re normally $100, there is a special deal and currently, they are on sale for just $70.

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