Kylie Jenner's Milk Discovery Inspires Dairy Farmer to Name Baby Cow After Her

Kylie Jenner‘s discovery — that putting milk on cereal is pretty fantastic — was so moooooving to a California dairy farmer, he decided to pay tribute … by naming his baby cow after her.

David Jones — whose family owns Jones Farms in Stevinson, CA — literally had a cow after Kylie sent shock waves through Twitter Tuesday when she revealed she’d tried cereal with milk for the first time and it was “life changing” … and that cow’s now her namesake.

Kylie the calf was born Wednesday on the farm, and as you can see … she’s so freaking cute.

We broke the story … Kylie the human may have lied about just trying milk with cereal for the first time this week, because we found an Instagram post of hers from 2013 in which it appears she had bran flakes with milk.

Then again, it might have been yogurt.

Either way … she’s milking it for all it’s worth.

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