Kylie Jenner's World Rocked by Having Cereal with Milk for First Time

Kylie Jenner being a near-billionaire at the age of 21 ain’t the most impressive thing in her life — that distinction falls to a bowl of cereal and milk. Idle rich, much?

Kylie is seriously blown away by discovering the joy of WET cereal — Tuesday she tweeted, “last night I had cereal with milk for the first time. life changing.” Her flavor of choice was Cinnamon Toast Crunch with regular milk … she did not specify 1%, 2% or skim, but says she’s considering branching out to almond milk. Slow down, sista.

As you’d expect, her 26 million followers are floored she hadn’t discovered this at ANY point in her 21-plus years on the planet but, hey … she’s been busy. While you were choking down milk and Lucky Charms, Kylie was creating lip kits, buying houses and enjoying her cereal dry.

Wait till she figures out butter on toast. #simplethings

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