Lady Gaga Is Sharing Bizarre, Distorted Images Of Herself On Instagram

Could “Mother Monster’ be dropping clues about a new album?

Lady Gaga has posted a series of haunting, heavily distorted photos on her Instagram page which have some fans wondering whether she’s hinting at a new project in the works.

Gaga doesn’t reveal anything in the captions of the photos other than the name of the photographer, Eli Russell Linnetz. According to W Magazine,Linnetz previously shot a recent campaign for Kanye’s Yeezy collection. He also directed the video for Shawn Mendes’ single “Nervous” in which the singer is caressed by disembodied hands.

Based on his Instagram account, his work incorporates the surreal and the bizarre. So, it’s no surprise that he collaborated with Gaga on these new photos.

In the photographs, various parts of the singer’s body have been warped. In one of them, she’s lying on the floor and her nose and neck have been stretched. In another, the Gaga’s breasts have been distorted so that they look much larger than they are. Her mouth has also been lengthened giving her face a monstrous grin. In one of the more “conventional” shots, the singer is photographed from below and wears what looks like a tiger mask on her crotch.

The visual cohesion between the photos makes it look like the promotional photos that pop stars usually release before the put out an album. Also, these photos don’t seem to be part of a shoot for a magazine because Gaga doesn’t mention or tag a publication in the captions.

As we mentioned earlier, the photos have triggered calls for new music from her fans, who she’s affectionately named Little Monsters.

“Release new singles, P L E A S E!!! Tell us these new pictures were taken for the N E W E R A!!! OMG! Can’t wait for it anymore!” one person wrote.

“Can’t wait to see what you do next babe,” another fan wrote, while another fan commented, “Mother Monster is up to something.”

????: @elirusselllinnetz

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Lady Gaga’s last album, Joanne was released in 2016. During that era of her career, she noticeably pared down the outlandish visuals and outfits that helped to make her famous, opting for a more subdued public image which matched the country/folk vibe of the album. Could these photos be an indication that she plans to return to her more experimental roots?

NME reports that Gaga is working on a new album whose working title is currently LC6. There’s no official release date yet but as NME notes, she tends to release new projects every two years. So that should make her little monsters hopeful that new music is coming soon. She’s also in a new movie, A Star Is Born, alongside Bradley Cooper. The film opens in theatres in October of this year.

#AStarIsBorn. October 5

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