Laila Rouass urges fans to ‘get rid of old, stagnant energy’ after Ronnie O’Sullivan split

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Holby City star Laila Rouass has taken to Instagram to urge fans to use Storm Eunice as a time to “get rid of old, stagnant energy”. The short clip comes two days after the actress, 50, announced her split from snooker professional Ronnie O’Sullivan, 46, after eight years of being engaged.

It’s a great time to manifest your emotional healing

Laila Rouass

Coming off an Instagram Live which she forgot to save, Laila spoke to her 32,000 fans about manifesting.

She explained: “Manifesting is about using the law of attraction to bring into your life the things that you want.

“I speak about abundance, self-worth, and self-compassion, there is a method to it, although you can still manifest even if you’re not very clear about what the method is.”

Speaking about the extreme weather conditions outside in the UK today, Laila told her followers that now is the perfect time to start changing their lives.

She went on: “Manifesting in extreme weather is the perfect time, it’s a great time to do it.

“So we’ve got a storm today, Storm Eunice, and Storm Eunice will be great to manifest – just getting rid of old, stagnant energy that you’ve had around.

“Just let it go with the wind,” she advised her fans.

She went on: “It’s a great time to manifest the end of a situation, let it go.

“It’s a great time to manifest, a storm’s end actually is a really powerful time to manifest new beginnings.

“Storms are great to manifest your inner wisdom and we can all do with a bit of wisdom now and again, nothing wrong with that.

Laila continued: “It’s a great time to manifest your emotional healing, so use this storm, because you’re not going anywhere, hopefully.

“So use this storm to really work for you, to bring to you the things that you want and the things that you desire, and there’s nothing wrong with abundance.

“There’s so much good that can happen, that you can do with abundance.

“I hope you enjoyed our little chat, ciao,” she added, before ending the video.

Her video comes a day after she said her break-up with the snooker pro doesn’t have to be “sad” in a candid post.

Posting on her stories, she penned: “The thing about break ups… It doesn’t have to be a sad time. It doesn’t have to be hard.

“It can be the beginning of new adventures, new learnings.”

She went on to thank her fans for their “kind messages” before ending the post.

On Wednesday, Laila announced that she was splitting from her partner of 10 years, Ronnie, after becoming engaged in 2013.

After pulling out of a scheduled live session, Laila wrote: “After ten years of love and memories, Ronnie and I have parted ways.”

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