Lauren Gooder speaks out as trolls brand her lips ’too big’

Despite quitting 
as a series regular 
on TOWIE in 2012, people still can’t get enough of our columnist – and everyone has an opinion about everything the 31-year-old does.

‘Negative comments on Instagram don’t bother me as much any more,’ says Lauren when Now sits down for a catch-up with her. ‘But why should I have to accept it?’

She’s right, of course. But the haters won’t stop Lauren from doing what she does best and, for the first time in a long time, she’s truly happy in her own skin.

Here, our favourite Essex 
girl talks new career plans 
and why, despite her fears, she’d love to do the jungle.

Hi, Lauren! You look amazing right now. Are you happy?
I am and it’s really weird because my friends tell me I’m looking the best they’ve ever seen me and I don’t know why!

Do you think it’s because you’re in a good place now?
I have good days and bad days, but I just feel like I’ve settled into my body. I’m not doing anything too extreme and I’m not putting pressure on myself. I’ll always go to the gym, but it’s everything in moderation now.


Does it also come with age?
I think so. When you go through certain things you learn how to be comfortable 
in your own skin. I feel really good about how I look right now and I think it’s a turning point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never looked terrible but there were definitely times when 
I didn’t know what I was doing with make-up and outfits.

You’ve been away from reality TV for a while now, do you think you’ll go back to it soon?
I’ve been having TV meetings and I’d love to go back to TOWIE or do something else reality related, but the main focus right now is making my Instagram more business focused and going down the influencer route.

If you take off as an influencer, would you consider turning your 
back on reality TV?
No never, I love reality – it’s what made me after all.

Chloe Sims recently said she’d love to have you 
back on TOWIE…
That’s really nice to hear, because me and Chloe used to be really good friends. I’ve got 
a lot of love and respect for the show and if I went back it would be different. I’d definitely stand my ground more!

Would you ever do I’m a Celeb?
I would love to do it but I’d also be absolutely petrified. It would be a great experience, but I’m scared of everything. I had a massive moth in my living room recently and it lived on the floor for five days – I wouldn’t go near it! You know that first task where they have to walk that plank? [350ft in the air]. My hands sweat watching that, I’d have 
a breakdown!

People would see such 
a different side to you if 
you were on the show…
I know it would be nice for people to see that side of me and I’d probably get stronger 
as time goes on. I’m quite good team player and I would come out really skinny!

It sounds like you’re considering it now…
Never say never!

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