Lauren Jauregui Says Her Solo Album Is An ‘Incredibly Freeing’ Process

Lauren Jauregui is going in depth about her upcoming solo music in her new interview with L.A. Times.

The 21-year-old singer opened up about her songwriting process and what fans can expect her sound to be like.

“It has been such an incredibly freeing process,” she shared about the new music she’s recorded. “I’ve really let myself be guided by not having any inhibition about what I was gonna say or how it was gonna come out. And it’s really therapeutic, if nothing else, to be able to dive into my mind.”

Lauren adds that her process is very meaningful to her as well but is almost terrified of releasing it.

“The prospect of putting it out into the world and people debating whether it’s a flop or not is, truthfully, terrifying — crippling even,” she says. “But I stop and remind myself that I’m talented. I can write. I can sing. This is my gift.”

“I can either listen to what everybody else says and compare myself to their standards, or I can just uplift my own standards and continue to better myself for myself.”

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