Leslie Jones Slams Alabama’s Abortion Ban In Must-Watch ‘SNL’ Segment!

Keep calling ’em out, Leslie Jones!!!

The funny woman used her platform on Saturday Night Live last night to call out the state of Alabama and its politicians and lawmakers over their insanely restrictive new abortion ban that went into effect earlier this month — and during the segment on Weekend Update alongside host Colin Jost, Jones didn’t hold back one bit!

At first donning a hat and shawl reminiscent of life over at The Handmaid’s Tale (or maybe at Mike Pence‘s house!), Jones riffs for four minutes (above) about what other things this abortion ban could lead to in the future, and why it’s so dangerous for women. She also hilariously rips into the 25 old, white Alabama senators (all men, of course) who voted in favor of the abortion bill and passed it into law — at one point calling them the ‘casting call at a Lipitor commercial,’ and telling them to kiss her ENTIRE ass!

Too funny — and perfectly timed, we needed a voice of sanity to enter this debate after Alabama’s shameful lawmaking decisions! Ch-ch-check out the entire clip that everybody’s talking about this morning (above)!!!

Jones’ SNL moment trended on Twitter throughout all of Sunday morning, too, with all the major media outlets picking it up and thousands of Twitter users themselves tweeting their reactions to her stance. From celebs like Sophie Turner and Josh Gad, to normal folks and fans all over the country, as you can see (below) there is a LOT of support for Jones after that powerful, inspirational pro-choice segment:

Amen, amen, and amen!!!

While it’ll take some time to change the laws — and develop people’s minds — in places like Alabama and Georgia (which also passed a restrictive abortion law recently), major pop culture and entertainment moments like Jones’ high-profile SNL segment last night go a LONG way in that fight!

We already know that the vast, vast majority of the country does NOT support such restrictive abortion laws like what’s happening down in Alabama and Georgia, anyways; it’s only a matter of time — and continuing to work hard fighting the good fight — before women’s rights can be restored to respectability and supported for the long run! Here’s to progress!!

What do y’all think about all of this, Perezcious readers?? We want to know your reactions to Leslie Jones’ segment and more! Sound OFF with all of your opinions and takes about Alabama and more in the comment section (below)!!!

P.S. — Oh, and you can watch the rest of last night’s SNL videos and skits, with host Paul Rudd and musical guest DJ Khaled, right HERE!

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