LightSkinKeisha Beefing With Social Media Users Amid Backlash Over Her Moniker

The ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star defends her rap name as some Twitter users think it’s colorist and others claim that she’s not even light-skinned to use the title.

AceShowbizLightSkinKeisha has been involved in a heated debate with social media users over her name. The rapper and reality TV star is beefing with people on Twitter as they take issue with her stage name, which they deem colorist.

It all started as people called out some artists and public figures for still doing shows and paid club appearances amid the pandemic. Defending her fellow stars, Keisha tweeted that people don’t have a right to speak on this.

One Twitter user then reminded Keisha that she’s about to be the next target because of her rap name. “Girl you about to be the next too! Your name sis…,” the said user warned her. Defending her moniker, Keisha clapped back, “My name ain’t nothing but a description miss head and shoulders….but since a hit dog wanna holla….let’s get into it wit yo no neck having a**….I’m the right one.”

Another critic argued that Keisha has no right to use the name because she’s not even light-skinned. “A description of what? Bc you’re very much brown skinned. You’re not lightskin at all. And keep it cute mamas and focus on that music so you can get verified like she is,” the said person wrote.

To this, Keisha responded, “Girl f**k a verification check b***h I got a check in REAL life….” She also denied that she claimed to be light-skinned, adding, “regardless of what you think I am….b***h I’m black and proud to be!!!….now kiss these a** cheeks….NEXT CALLER.”

Keisha has in the past revealed that her name was inspired by the movie “Belly”. “Have you ever seen the movie ‘Belly’? So you know Keisha? She is like a dark skin Keisha, like a brown skin Keisha… I just love the role that she played. Like she played the whole like boss female… She handled the business. They respected her… Everybody respected her… I’m LightSkinKeisha cause I feel like I am a boss,” she told DJ Smallz Eyes.

She has also denied the accusations that her name is colorist and derogatory, telling Vlad TV, “Before you get to judging or assuming that someone is this or that… you have to understand where the meaning of that name comes from. And that name does not come from anything being colorist…” She insisted, “I’ve never in no way shape or form – in no way period – have ever used a skin tone against somebody. Check my resume.”

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