Lil Kim Insists She’s Moved On From Drama With Nicki Minaj — But Has Nicki? — Watch

Lil Kim is so over her beef with longtime rap rival Nicki Minaj! In a new interview, Kim says she’s ‘past and over that,’ and just wants everyone to stop asking her about Nicki! However, she makes it seems like Nicki owes HER an apology! What’s going on? …

Lil Kim is way past her feud with Nicki Minaj! Ahead of Nicki’s album release, slated for August 17, Lil Kim went on record with her opinions about her rival’s new music and their beef. When asked: “Do you feel some type of way about Nicki droppin’ an album called ‘Queen’?”, Lil Kim let out a quick eye roll and threw some playful shade at REAL 92.3 LA‘s Bootleg Kev, before taking the high road. “Oh God. Let me ask you this. Do you f–k with me for real? Okay, so if you f–k with me, right? Why isn’t this about Kim?,” she asked the host. “Yeah, see if we’re gonna mention one female we’re gonna mention them all. We need to mention them all. We need to bring everybody in and we need to give everybody love.” Let’s also point out how Kim changed her Twitter bio to “The Queen of Rap,” just two months ago in May. 

Lil Kim went on to seemingly wish Nicki the best, before alluding that Nicki owes her some type of apology for a mystery something. “God bless her. What she did she did. But you know what? I wish her the best. I’m past that and over that. At the end of the day, stop asking me about that chick – she did what she did – y’all don’t do that to her. I don’t think you would [ask her about me?]” —— Watch it all go down at the 2:10 mark in the above interview! 

The rapper’s admissions came after she threw shade at Nicki in an interview as recent as June 21. When referred to as one of the world’s “OG rappers,” Kim was asked about her thoughts on fellow rappers Cardi B, 25, and Nicki Minaj. “Cardi is my girl,” she told Entertainment Tonight, adding, “I don’t know the other one.”

As for what’s on tap for Lil Kim? — The rapper just dropped a new single titled, “Nasty One”. She also has an album in the works, which will slated to be released by EOne music in November 2018, according to reports. This would mark her fifth studio album, and her first one since The Naked Truth, which was released in 2005.

Not many details about Kim’s album have been divulged. However, fans are hoping for a collab with Cardi B. Back in May, Cardi told a fan on Twitter that although she hasn’t recorded a song with Lil Kim, she promised that “one day” she would! And, it looks like the  chances of a duo track are very possible, seeing as Kim bragged about “her girl” Cardi in that same interview. She told the outlet:  “Cardi is my girl and I am SO excited for my girl Cardi. I can’t wait for her to have her baby. I love you Cardi!”

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