Lil Xan Forced To Cancel Concert At Last Minute After Threat Of Shooting At Venue

Sorry, St. Louis, but no Lil Xan for you. The controversial rapper and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos enthusiast had to cancel after someone allegedly threatened to shoot the show up!

Lil Xan, 22, was supposed to perform at The Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri on Oct. 10, but sources close to the rapper tell TMZ that the venue and promoters pulled the plug out of safety concerns. Supposedly, someone posted a video online where they allegedly threatened to spray the show with bullets if Lil Xan were to go through with the gig. Promoters, who allegedly saw the video days before the concert, decided to cancel the show at the last minute. It was “too risky” to go through with it, sources told TMZ, and the promoters “didn’t feel comfortable moving forward.”

The St. Louis PD tells TMZ that they hadn’t heard anything about the threatening video. As for Lil Xan, he continued on the tour, performing in Cincinnati on the night. He posted a picture of himself in a Cincinnati tattoo parlor. “Marky lookin at me like ‘Don’t do it,’ “ Xan wrote, indicating that he’s about to get some more ink done. As for the tour, Xan’s set to hit Cleveland on Oct. 12, Detroit on the 13th, before hitting Philly, Maryland, and South Carolina.

As for what could have caused someone to allegedly threaten Lil Xan and the Pageant venue, that’s remains unclear. Ahead of the performance, Lil Xan got into some hot water after he was caught on video dropping the n-word during a heated confrontation at an Indianapolis Taco Bell. Yes, the rapper who was hospitalized because he ate too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos decided to get into a shouting match inside a food court. Xan – born Diego Leanos, in case you were wondering – threw the N-word around, bragging that he was “rich,” before being escorted away from the scene. It’s unclear if this confrontation was behind the show’s cancellation.

You can’t really blame the venue’s promoters from being careful, especially in the wake of the Pulse nightclub massacre, the slaughter at the Bataclan in Paris, and the deadly mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival shooting in Vegas. The mere rumor of a shooting or a gun could send people scrambling, as seen when Lil Wayne, 36, performed at the A3C festival in Atlanta. Just as Weezy got on stage on Oct. 7, there were reports of someone having a gun. Fans scattered, as a stampede of panicked people fled the scene. Police said that they found no evidence of a gun or a shooting.

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